About us

We are a family with 4 boys aged 1 to 9 years. Some year ago, we swaped our house for a flat and moved in to the mountains, where it has always attracted us to go.

As to all parents around us it is very important for us that our kids are happy and content in their childhood. And so when it came to the practical matters our first born concerning, wheather school or homeschool, me and my husband realized that the classical educational model will not suit us. 

We like freedom, independancy, doing what we like, travelling, nature, life withnout stress, commands and regulations.

We prefer waking up every single morning with the possibility to decide how to spend the DAY. Therefore we have come to the conclusion to turn at the indicator “Homeschooling”  and despite the high risk that one day we might go off our heads to take the uneasy, thorny path of homeschooling.